About me

Hello Enlightenment Seekers!!!!

Firstly, I want to say congratulations, you made the first step to changing your life for the better through the use of meditation! 

My name is Emily Gonzales and I am a Certified Meditation Instructor. I’ve also had a career in Accounting and Finance in the Entertainment and Banking industries.  

Although rewarding, I'm sure you can guess that my Accounting and Finance career was comprised of stressful deadlines, long hours and tiresome work weeks.

I knew there was more to life then feeling stressed behind my desk, so I decided to take the path down the road to enlightenment and I when I did-- I never looked back!

Since becoming a Certified Meditation Instructor, I have had the chance to help change people's lives. And, it is through my own meditation practice that I was inspired to teach meditation on a full-time basis. 

I’ve been teaching Meditation for Stress Management in the corporate workplace, in the healthcare industry and in the university environment. In addition, my focus is to help people in the area of bereavement.  

So, I’m very happy to be here with all of you to share with you the many benefits that a meditation practice can provide.

I hope you enjoy exploring the various guided meditations that I have published for you.  

See you on the inside!!

Your Certified Meditation Guru,



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